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Jermel’s allergic side effect to Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food: Hair Follicle Fortifier.


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  • SebiUnderAttack

    Dr. Sebi is under attack again by his traitor family members. Everybody know that they are trying to get money from Sebi by discrediting his company and making money off his name. Jermel Brown is also a criminal working for them. He’s in it for the money. Here’s his criminal records for trying to forge a check: He also could have been trying to pass a drug test with this method: all ingredients appear in his video and he shows that he smokes weed in his videos. Dr. Sebi trusted Pablo Medina the guy who runs the LA office and appointed him as head herbalist knowing that there would be lots of fakes and attacks on his reputation after he died. Sebi was smart enough to protect his formulas with Medina who studied with him for 20 years, nobody else knows the forumlas. Don’t believe the attacks on our community or attacks on Dr. Sebi, they are all trying to make money from his name and legacy. DONT BELIEVE THE MANIPULATION PEOPLE! PROTECT OUR COMMUNITY, SPREAD THE TRUTH!

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