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  • Ju Lee

    Disgusted, smfh!

  • April Coleman

    This is some bullshit. she shoudl have fucked that bitch up. It would have been a roll call in that room.

    • Laqueta Hicks

      On Me cuh

  • Toi Iamdboss Pollard

    Damn they humiliated her in the worse way. They would all be afraid After I was gone.

  • Sugar Plum

    That’s so fucked up and scary

  • Laqueta Hicks

    I would fired off on all they ass. especially THAT BITCH. ITHEY ALL WOULD’VE HAD TO COME WITH IT.

  • Corsena Starling

    Do what a gram is nothing they just wanted Todo sum shit karma is a bitch

  • Terry

    They all going to jail
    Choose who you be with wisely