Added by on 2017-04-17

Marilyn Manson has a legion of loyal fans, but only one is rocking a $220,000 chain with his likeness on it.

That’s how much Lil Uzi Vert paid IF & Co. Jewelers and Ben Baller to craft the piece he was sporting at the Coachella Festival over the weekend.

According to TMZ, the chain and pendant together are made up of 16,000 diamonds totaling 155 carats. The labor alone cost $50,000.

“@liluzivert goin crazy again,” Baller captioned an Instagram photo of the chain. “This time I made him a 100 carat VS diamond spiked choker bike chain and a 55 carat black & white diamond Marilyn Manson pendant… This year has been insane. And this is in the top 3 piece I’ve ever made in my career and Uzi already has a piece in my top 5 as well.”