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‘Rika Muranka & Damien Matthias Take VR Gaming To Extraordinary Heights’

By: Miss Jayyiah from

Rika Muranka and Damien Matthias are disrupting the world of virtual reality with mind blowing additions to their new VR game Fearless D. If you’re not familiar with the term disruptive innovation it is an innovation that creates a new market and value network which eventually disrupts an existing market. To be a bit more specific, disruptive technology is a new emerging technology that unexpectedly displaces an established one. I see this occurring with the upgraded technology that’s being incorporated into this game.

Fearless D, which is a game that offers a drift racing experience, is now offering more than just a ride. Not only are there going to be features such as shopping in your favorite city, or ordering food from your VR head mount display, but they are also working with UCLA Medical Group to use virtual reality to help better the conditions of diseases such as alzheimer’s and diabetes!

Fearless D’s musical score is highly anticipated. It’s impossible to overlook the impressive musical backgrounds both Rika and Damien hold; Rika being a famed video game composer and Damien being a multi-platinum award winning writer. The soundtrack is already said to feature three of the industry’s biggest artist, making Fearless D a Best Seller before it’s released! Check out the interview with the pair below, and be sure to comment and share!

Miss Jayyiah X Damien Matthias & Rika Muranka

Miss Jayyiah: The game Fearless D which is a product of your platform will feature a drift racing experience through city streets and potentially treacherous mountains in virtual reality, now this sounds like a bunch of fun, please give us more details on what this experience will entail?

Rika: For those who aren’t familiar with virtual reality or never tried on a head mount display, A lot of companies are making different types of Virtual Reality head mounted displays, depending on which computer processor and technique is being used. But what we’re doing is using HTC Vives, which has the most beautiful computer graphics and it makes you feel as if you’re literally in it. If you’re at a concert at The Staples Center, you would literally feel as if you’re there. In Fearless D, which is a game of a drift racing experience, I’m giving the experience of you getting to be the racing driver. Kenichi, the man who actually invented drift racing is helping create the game as well as being in it. He’s going to be driving so when you’re playing the game you will become him. He’s teaching you how to drift, so you’re going to learn how to drift on your own.

We are also developing the sonic body vest, so when you crash, you can feel the car’s crashing. In addition, this year, if I have the time, I’m creating the ability to smell so you can smell the tires burning. Also with the chair, you will feel the chair moving as if you’re on a roller coaster at home. That’s what we are trying to bring; the whole experience.

Miss Jayyiah: You guys are taking it to another level and developing a new platform within virtual reality where gamers can order food and pay bills…. What technologies make this possible?

Rika M: When it comes to video games, gamers want to play all day, so I said you know what, wouldn’t it be cool to put up food billboards in the city where you can just click on the food and order it. So the gamer would be able to walk in a pizza, or a chinese food spot and order food from their headset. We are also creating a virtual city in NYC where you can stop in your favorite store and order clothes. We’re really taking it to another level!

Miss Jayyiah: It is said that you guys are working with UCLA Medical to develop VR experiences for patients amongst other things. This is particularly interesting to me because although patients and VR is still a new and experimental approach, proponents of virtual reality do say that it can be an effective treatment for everything from intense pain to Alzheimer’s disease.. So could you share some info on your collaboration and what you guys have accomplished with UCLA Medical thus far?

Rika: Yes, we’re working with a lot of universities, doctors and neurologists. With Virtual Reality you can control brain waves and rewire the brain circuit. If UCLA developed a robotic, iron man type of machine and a patient did exercise with it along with Virtual Reality, within two months to a year, you can regain your strength and repair your nerves. If you have PTSD or a third degree burn, you can heal the pain. You can stimulate the brain with the head mount display. The brain is the one that controls the body and we can manipulate the brain.

I was just telling my girlfriend, if I could make an app where you can create a diet, where a person will feel like they are full and won’t have to eat anymore. Sending a signal as this to the brain would work. It’s a lot of new technologies and we’re working with different doctors and scientists. With the therapy, I don’t want to say “cure”, but with the therapy we can help so much with depression, alzheimer’s diseases, diabetes and so many more disorders and diseases.

With these technologies, you can stimulate the five senses, you can smell, feel, see, and you can even actually relive a moment. If you have trauma, you can change it. You can make the memory of trauma disappear. You can play on the memory of things. I myself had a stroke before and I started to do some research, had some meetings and hear we are.

Miss Jayyiah: Damien, you was instrumental in the launch of Def Jam Records, and the career of Tupac Shakur. Hip Hop has evolved beyond belief since then, but you Damien, you were there at the essence of it all. What are you views of the HIp Hop culture today. From your perspective, what is the industry lacking?

Damien Matthias: Everyone sounds alike, they all copy whoever’s hot at the moment. Every artist sounds the same. They all look, sound, and dress the same. Run DMC had their own sound. LL Cool J had their own sound, Houdini had their own market, Roxanne Shante had their own market, and they all hit at the same time. There is no creativity and that is my personal feel.

However, I do like Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wapp, & Rae Sremmurd but the majority of artist are all knock offs of who’s hot.

With VR though, we are working on the soundtrack with three of the biggest artist in the game. We have them all on the theme song, and we will eventually do a concert where they all will come out and perform. The whole things going to be shot in Virtual Reality, as well, we are shooting a reality show, around this whole thing. The name of the show is ‘New Face Of Tech’. So be on the lookout for that as well!