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Staten Island Native and Recording Artist “Good Money” to Release New Music this Summer

LOS ANGELES, CA – Straight from Park Hill in Staten Island, New York, Good Money (Michael Adams) has always had a love for music since he can remember. From being in the school chorus to his father playing old school records on the weekends, Good Money knew he wanted to produce something out of his affinity for the music he grew up around. No stranger to moving his life around at a young age, Good Money transplanted all the way from his home in Staten Island to Nigeria with his family at age 11. In the two and a half years he resided in Nigeria, he never became disconnected from music. While in Nigeria, Good Money witnessed and experienced life’s ups and downs, which would later inspire him to never settle for less in his career.

It wasn’t until Good Money was in class one day, when he heard his friend playing “Make it Rain” by Fat Joe and Lil Wayne. This moment, and record, served as the point when Good Money fell in love with the art of rap and began writing rhymes of his own. Later, at the age of 13, Good Money and his family moved again to London, where he was introduced to a whole new range of music. In his new life in London, he soon learned that life wasn’t always easy, and in some situations, he was required to quickly grow up. While experiencing a life on the whole other side of the world, he received the chance to communicate with people from all walks of life and furthermore began vigorously chasing money. At age 15, he recorded his very first song in the studio, where the process of creating his own sounds fascinated him. However, this soon came to a halt when Good Money became caught up in the streets of London.

After Good Money’s friend passed from a severe health issue, he decided to leave his life running the streets in the past and focus on what he could do in his career. “You never know when it’s your time to go,” said the artist. “You might as well spend time making a positive impact on the world or die trying.”  Good Money became more serious than ever about going to the studio, thereafter working with artists in various genres. After Good Money met a local artist in a studio session, Good Money was asked to lay some vocals down and sing the hook. Much to his surprise, Good Money’s natural vocal abilities wowed everyone in the room, where his brother later convinced him to rap less and utilize his singing abilities more.

After moving back to the states in 2014, Good Money continued to perfect his musical craft, in which his fanbase continued to grow. He continues to utilize his life experiences in his lyrics, as those have shaped him most. Good Money’s R&B fused with hip-hop style sound cannot be compared to anyone else because he strives to remain himself on any beat. Looking to the future, Good Money will continue to keep the momentum going. “Five years from now, I see myself doing music on a bigger scale, having a strong fan/support base, working with top industry professionals, acquiring endorsements and broadening my network”.





Wireless Festival London

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Santos Party House New York

Amazura Concert Hall New York

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