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Julieanna Goddard a.k.a. YesJulz  is a popular Snapchat personality and party promoter from Miami. She also runs the Yes Julz marketing agency.



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  • Bill Cosby Junior junior

    That was wack!

  • Chris Jericho

    Guys Hispanic hold this L blackies

    • Jennie RedRose

      Yea we can tell by the small ass dick!
      Take ur L back u proud for nothing weirdo. ????

      • Chris Jericho

        You wish bitch blacks actually have the second smallest cocks after Asians it’s a fact

        • Dyl

          You sound dumb as shit lmao

        • takedatLnigga

          lmfao right and the earth is flat.

          • Chris Jericho

            Smh another black in denial been a proven studied fact

          • bigboi24

            Dod you study that? You sound so homo.

          • Wayne G

            It hasn’t been proven, neither is it a fact..u dumb cac lmao ????

          • Chris Jericho

            All you gotta do is look it up Darnell

          • Wayne G

            Who tf is Darnell..also, who would spend time looking up some dumb ass shit like that. U would have to be an extremely sad fuck, to google some stupid shit like that…dumbass cac

          • takedatLnigga

            whites are known for being in denial . no other race can compete when it comes to that

        • jim


        • jim

          you silly af!

        • bigboi24

          You must have had “A LOT” of dick in your holes to know that to be a fact. #SUS????????????

        • Jennie RedRose

          What do u mean I wish. I’m not Black. But I see u are a perfect example of PENIS ENVY. WOW what a loser. You hate Black men because u envy their cocks. U are a in the closet homosexual also. Making up dick size research. Alternative dick size facts. Damn…these really are the end times. I’ve seen it all! ????????

          • Chris Jericho

            -Black man


          Shut the fuck up

        • Strobe Jr

          To the dumb Caucasian talking, stfu u factless, privileged ingrate

          • Chris Jericho

            Not my fault your mom gave you a ghetto retard name and you wear your jeans under your asscheeks

        • Kakashi3236

          As weird as this sounds, I just fact-checked this ridiculous statement and not only are you wrong, but you are so far off. Black people are not significantly more well-endowed than the average population, but by a small inch percentage, they are larger. However, they are more average than anything. Other races, such as Asians, are less well-endowed. Therefore, blacks do not have small ‘cocks’ or are close to the size of an Asian. In fact, they are satisfactory size. This is just my research, though. If you can tell me where you got your facts that prove mine wrong, I’ll re-consider my position on this matter only if your facts prove to be more credible.

    • bigboi24

      How do you know? Did you fuck him, too?

  • Chris Holiidae Olmo

    I’d hit it

  • I’m a ugly lil meth whore

    White women love the BBC so much. That’s why white males are very insecure

    • G.O.A.T

      you’re a black guy saying he’s a white chick on a chat forum lol kill yourself

      • Jermaine cole

        Kill yourself bitch, you still over there sucking dick? Apartment number please

        • G.O.A.T

          1267 nig ger come on over

  • JGwentworth

    No creampie? Simp

    • FuckWithMeUKnowIGotIt

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  • dough boy fresh

    I don’t get It

  • lol this nigga looks like Tarzan


    Bitch got a nice ass

  • RafffiAKARobJohnHomoThug

    Vlad tv brought me here

  • Karate James

    I’d smash.

  • Fuckyourfeelings1

    My nigga pulled her hair with two fingers

    • L DickHead

      forreal what the fuck LOL

  • mello

    Bitch was too lazy to pull them underwear off, boy went 50 on her ass. ”You don’t got to take yo pantys off, pull em to the side”.

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    3min is all i need…were the lotion?

  • 2mucherthang

    I want you inside of me everyday ☺️

  • Bill Cosby Junior junior

    This shit Is so weak I totally forgot that I commented on this 6 months ago… I thought i was hacked or something..

    • Rem

      lmao saying the same exact thing too

  • ????☝✊????✌✋????????????

    She looks like a man.

  • P/NastyExtracts.

    Did they both have the same hair cut ?

  • Rem

    all these people here from that viral tweet lmao

  • Crack_Killz

    She got booty


    WS niggas be lookin out shawty thick asff

  • Joshua Hall

    Ain’t shit special another how from Miami

  • Dr. Valentin Narcisse

    What no facial! L

  • Dr. Duke E. Stall

    Bitch looked like G.I. Jane but sounded like she smokes 2 packs of kools menthol a day

  • Long Wood

    Nice Fuck, but Bitch sound like a NIGGA, I’ll pass

  • Sir SUS A Lot

    Bitch sound like an old man

  • Tony Snow

    That bitch has a nice fat ass. I would’ve fucked her on the ass too

  • GUWOP #1017

    ass is nasty yall can’t fuck a dime piece? that’s a shame….this bitch is a 2/10 how is she famous?