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The streets are talking about the artist Ca$hK and his hit single, “Slide” featuring the viral sensational artistry of Sosa Geek. The single dropped at the top of the year and it’s making noise in the hood especially in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey. “Clear it out when they arrive,” is not a line to play with as it streams on major streaming platforms.


Influenced by family, they pushed him to go after the gold. He pushed full speed ahead as he grabbed the bull by the horns and made it happen. Signed to 100% Pure Entertainment, was the best decision he made. “Ca$hK has star power and that is why I signed him,” says “DB” Brown, CEO of the label. “When Ca$hK lays down his lyrics, he delivers an energy that can not be reckoned with.”


Publicist Lynn Hobson states, “Ca$hK is known to his family as Kiyree Wilder but they respect his work as Ca$hK. He is driven and determined to be a rockstar. I can see it…and it’s not that far away.”



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