Added by on 2017-08-04

Justine Skye recently dropped her new single “Back For More,” featuring the always in-demand Jeremih. The Roc Nation songstress returns a few weeks later, debuting the song’s official music video. In the cinematic clip, Skye and her co-star of Power fame Rotimi are deep in love. Their budding relationship hits a rough patch, where the Brooklyn singer realizes her own happiness is better off in the end.

Rotimi was super funny. We shot this video just days before I started shooting the movie “Green Dolphin” that’s in the works,” Skye tells FADER, who premiered the video. “He gave me great advice and made me feel a bit more comfortable about it. It was great to have an actual actor be a part of it too because it was basically improv and we just fed off of each other.”


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